The Distributor, upon receipt of the Product, will have a maximum period of 15 calendar days to send Teknomania S.L. any complaint regarding the Product supplied. After this period, the products will be considered as conforming and accepted by the Distributor without any possible complaint. The complaint must be made via our RMA web form. It must include the following information:

  • The purchase invoice number
  • The make and model(s) of the unit(s) for which the return is requested
  • The IMEI number, serial number or phone number+ID of the SIM
  • The number of units for which a refund is requested
  • A statement of the reasons for the complaint

Upon receipt of this information, Teknomania S.L. reserves the right to authorise or not this request, giving you an RMA number if necessary. Teknomania S.L. will only accept the return of the Product in the following circumstances:

  • That the Distributor returns the Product in the same condition (unsealed and unused) in which it was delivered to the Distributor in its original packaging without the Distributor’s inscription.
  • The return number (RMA), obtained from the Distributor’s service department, must be clearly marked on the shipping label. This number must not be written on top of the product packaging.
  • Once the RMA has been obtained, the Product must be returned within 10 working days. After this period, the return authorisation will be cancelled and any return covered by the expired RMA will be rejected.

The Distributor shall be responsible for the shipping costs of the claims, unless expressly authorised by Teknomania S.L.


Teknomania S.L. works with a TAS authorised by various brands, and at the request of its Distributors provides intermediary services with this TAS. It is highly advisable for the Distributor to contact a TAS in his environment or trust to save time and costs. As an intermediary, the warranty that covers the Product delivered to the Distributor is limited to the one issued by the manufacturer. This warranty only covers technical faults. Requests for warranty claims must be made through our website:, in the after-sales section, or by e-mail to [email protected] . The following details must be included in the claim:

  • The purchase invoice number
  • The make and model(s) of the unit(s) for which the return is requested
  • The IMIE number or serial number
  • The number of units for which return is requested
  • A statement of the grounds for the claim

Teknomania S.L. will check the warranty claims, check the products and periodically send the faulty items back to its SAT for repair. If, once the product has been checked, it is found to be working correctly, or does not show the symptoms described by the customer, it will be returned to the Distributor, who will have to pay the corresponding transport costs. The shipping costs for products within the warranty period managed by Teknomania S.L., will be paid by the Distributor, as the manufacturers only cover the shipping costs from the SAT to Teknomania S.L.. In any case, Teknomania S.L. will try to make them coincide with orders to make it less burdensome for the Distributor. If the Distributor deals directly with the SAT, the return postage will be free, as it is covered by the various manufacturers.


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